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I laughed my ass off xD You should do these on a more, like, regular basis xD do you do any series, or anything on an actual regular basis? :3

WhiteLightning responds:

No. No I don't. Deadline consistency is my greatest weakness. But I am speeding up, I'll have an original Christmas short out in December.


Keep 'em coming, ive laughed my ass off!

Wow.. xD awesome

xD was Trigun any influence to this? the theme really made me think it was xD

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I really think..

The only thing missing is a level creator, and of course, moar levlz!! XD
I betcha the sequel will be even awesome-er! =D

acrazycanadian responds:

If enough people want the level editor I will definitely make it a big priority for any sequels.

Not the best type of game to make your first flash

but you kinda succeeded ^^ Of course, comparing to the other epic ones, it's far from it, but it's pretty good for a first time flash :P Almost seems as if it's not a first flash, but hell with it XD

RiverJordan responds:

First game, not first flash

XD made my day

I suggest you make some kind of torture mode, where you pass through levels, trying to cause as much pain as possible :P Would be also cool if you could make your own dummy, but that might cause a LOT of lag :P Pretty sure, one of the best ragdoll and physics game played so far... =D

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xD wow

You've just inspired me on doing something like this.. i just dont know how, and it doesnt seem very easy xD What did you use, to make this masterpieace? Its mindblowing xD

SHADOWFOX2 responds:

Here comes inspirATION!!
Just keep workin' 'til you get it :]
I'm an FL user myself, that's Fruity Loops Studio
Thanks for the compliment

Ever heard the expression..

... it's so awesome, it burns? Well, that's what i felt XD pure awesomeness, jizzed my pants

XD i actually wanted to dance at the beggining...

But i just found out, i can't dance O.o" XD awesome, pretty good song to make some great solos in it

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The problem is that you can't hear its footsteps while youre walking, you can just hear yours =\ thats why i just stop suddenly, just to see if i can hear any other footsteps than mine. you know, paranoia xD


amazed! xD

argh.. cmon..

just a little slip.. just a bit more.. a bit more....
xD now seriously, great art, havent seen much like this, i like your style xD


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